There are many benefits to Camp Discovery.

Camp is a special world for children from across the state of Texas between the ages of 7-16. The main purpose of Camp Discovery is to provide these wonderful children a fun and “normal” camp experience, an experience they would not be able to get at a traditional residential camp. However, besides having fun, other things take place like learning new skills, individual growth, and personal development.

Speak with any of our long time volunteers and they could all tell you wonderful stories of what they have seen and experienced at Camp Discovery. During Camp Discovery children will experience perhaps the best week of their life by swimming, fishing, climbing, canoeing, laughing, dancing, singing, horseback riding, and simply being with other people who can relate to their situation.

Camp Discovery is staffed solely by volunteers, many of whom return year after year.

We currently boast a 94% rate of returning volunteers. Currently, approximately 74% of our volunteers are cancer survivors, with over 50% of those being former campers. Our volunteer staff members are dedicated to providing understanding, leadership, compassion, safety, and direction to our campers, as well as enjoying the experience with them.

The camp is abundantly staffed with volunteer nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians. Many of these medical professionals provide treatment to our campers on a regular basis away from camp, and claim that it is refreshing to see them outside the hospital environment.