Thank you so much for allowing my son to have somewhere to camp. He was so excited to go and is still talking about it now.

Love Camp Discovery! (:

My son loves attending camp and I love that he gets the opportunity to go

Thank you for everything!!!

I can’t say enough about camp for Meg. It has opened her eyes to so many things in life!!! We truly appreciate everybody’s hard work to make Camp possible!

Our daughter had a wonderful time. We are so thankful for all of the people that work so hard to make Camp Discovery possible.

Wonderful experience!

Our son attended camp Discovery last year for the first time. Towards the end of it he got sick and he had to be picked up. He loves very much his mom and his dad but once we came to pick him up he cried that he had to go home, he wasn’t happy camper at all at that moment. That speaks volume to me. He couldn’t wait for this year and the whole year he made sure he eats well, sleeps enough to stay healthy not to get sick again during Camp Discovery. Though he was 8 years old first time attending the camp, I was amazed how fearless he was to be away from his beloved family for whole week. He had so much fun and it was so enjoyable for us to hear him talking about all the activities and his friends at camp. We can’t thank enough for all the sponsorship, Camp Leadership, volunteerism, hard work, planning, preparation which goes into the Camp Discovery. THANK YOU!!!

Camp Discovery has made a HUGE difference in my daughter’s life. She doesn’t know other survivors, and is disabled so it’s difficult to find camps that will make arrangements for her. Camp Discovery has shown her she’s not alone, she’s LOVED and part of a community. She’s made friends, gained independence….and just has so much fun. Camp is all she talks about all year long! 🙂

Antonio is extremely grateful this camp exists. He has grown and gained so much from his experiences at Camp Discovery. He is much more self-confident. We love you all so much for all the hard work that makes this all possible.

We love Camp Discovery!!! Sad that it’s only up to age 16 though. It would be awesome if they could attend until they were 18.

You guys do such a fantastic job but would love to see more pictures on Facebook if at all possible. I know all of the parents (especially first timers) crave pictures to comfort them that their child is doing ok. Much love to your organization and all you do for our kids. It is always the highlight of my son’s summer!

My daughter loved camp and wants to go back next year.